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BIGBANG Imagines: 5 Day of Christmas: Day 2! (c)

#Imagine: Your Christmas Gift

*Note: Have a very merry christmas, thank you guys for following this blog ♥ + Thank You, Judy for helping me keep this blog alive. :] btw the words between ’ ’ our their thoughts. 

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T.O.P: He walked into a small shop with eyes full of hope. “Can I help you, Sir?” A young employee asked. Seunghyun turned to her and smiled, “Yeah, I’m looking for an engagement ring.” The young girl smiled, “Ahh, okay I can you help you. Follow me,” She lead him into a room in the far back. “This is where we can engrave the rings, and well…I didn’t want you to get chased by fans,” The girl blushed. His eyes widened in response, getting the hint the girl continued, “Don’t worry! I’m not a crazy fan..actually, I’m not even a fan. I like B2st more,” She grinned. He rolled his eyes, “Ouch that hurt.” She laughed and picked up a few rings and set them ontop of the counter, “These are my favorite rings. Is there one that you like?” He picked up a simple diamond ring. ‘Despite what might happen, ____-ah, I just want you to be happy. Even if that means it’s with someone else.’

Taeyang: ‘It has to be absolutely perfect,’ Taeyang thought to himself as he scanned the windows of shops he passed by. He’d spent weeks and weeks just searching for a gift that would suit you, after all, this is your first Christmas together and it should mean something for the both of you. Still walking down the same path he grew a bit bitter, seeing all these couples coming holding hands and kissing, being happy together when he can’t see you right now. How dare they. >< But one particular couple caught his eye, they were holding hands with matching rings on. His lips perked up into a smile, he knew exactly what to get you for this Christmas.

GD: Jiyong bit his lip anxiously, doubt filled his thoughts, ‘What if she doesn’t like the gift I got her? What was I thinking. What kind of gift is this? SHE CAN’T EVEN HOLD IT,’ He paused at the small inside joke, ‘Well…maybe she can,’ He thought. Jiyong was so caught up in his own little world he didn’t realize you walked in. “Creeper!” You laughed as you entered the room to see Jiyong with a pedo-ish smile on his face. “Umm…” He stuttered in response. You raised your eyebrow at him, Jiyong was rarely at a loss for words. “Is there something you need to tell me?” You asked. He nodded, ‘now or never Jiyong.’ He cleared his throat, “IGOTATATTOOWITHYOURNAMEONMYFOREARM!” He shouted shubbing his arm infront of your face.

Daesung: You walked into the apartment you and your boyfriend Kang Daesung shared, speaking of which was no where in sight and the lights were off. You sighed, maybe he’s working today. You turned on the light switch and heard rustling coming from your bedroom, “Dae? Oppa is that you?” You heard a loud crash so you decided to run and see what was going on, “OPPA!” You rushed into your room and saw that Daesung had tripped, you giggled. “Baby, are you okay?” He muttered a string of curses, “I’m sorry. I kind of ruined this,” He pouted before handing you a small wooden book with writing carved onto it, ‘Turn to the next page to see the most beautiful person in the world.’ You turned to the next page in the booklet and there is a small heart-shaped mirror. Below that read, ‘I love you ____.’

Seungri: He’s confident that you’ll like your gift. And nope, he didn’t spend that much time into it, he already knew what to get you. All he wants is to see your reaction once you get your gift. Seungri walked into the kitchen gift in hand, carefully he sneaked up behind you and covered your eyes. You smiled knowingly. He gently hovered closer to you and whispered in your ear, “Are you ready for you gift, baby?” He waited until you nodded your head to continue, “Okay..” He placed papers into your hands. You scanned the papers then broke away from him. You stared at him questioningly, “January 3rd?” He grinned, “It’s the date of your doctor’s appointment! YOU’RE GETTING BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!!” 

- Serena.