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Hello, everyone! This blog is dedicated to the 5 members of big bang. Have a look around and if you like what you see follow! ♥

- Serena&Judy

hyungbutt whispered: This blog is pure amazingness!! Do you know if there are any other blogs like yours? Keep up the amazing work~ ^^

Thank you so much~ ^^ And actually I’m pretty sure there’s more blogs like ours but not for the KPOP Fandom. :( I hope someone makes another one and so on. That way we can form a directory~

justfelicity-x whispered: I like your icon! Do you mind posting it for me? :) <3

chaseyourkpopdream whispered: Harlo! :D I'm curious about who your bias is in Big Bang. & if there are other K-pop boy & girl groups you love. :D

Herro ^__^ My bias is TOP. And I like 2ne1, Jay Park, Block B, Wonder Girls, and I’m trying to listen to other groups. 

Anonymous whispered: where do we paste the script for the online counter

After the <body> tag. :) If you want to move it somewhere on your blog, get off anon and I’ll help you. 

Anonymous whispered: where did you get your online counter? Thanks ^^

I think this one might be easiest one, anon. :)

Anonymous whispered: Random question, but what music player are you using on your page? ^^ I've been looking around everywhere for a player to put on my page that is that small. Thank you!

Hi :] here.

kpopbabykimi-deactivated2013062 whispered: OMG I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR :)

Hi! thanks :]